SLEUTsH: Railway-induced urban growing model in SLEUTH

Updated March 17, 2023: Additional paper reference and manual

In collaboration with the Hanaoka Research Group led by Prof. Shinya Hanaoka, an update of the SLEUTH model is proposed to consider railway-induced urban growth in a widely known cellular-automaton-based urban growing model called SLEUTH.

The papers related to the work can be found below:

Varquez, A.C.G.; Dong, S.; Hanaoka, S.; Kanda, M. Evaluating future railway-induced urban growth of twelve cities using multiple SLEUTH models with open-source geospatial inputs.” Sustainable Cities and Society 91 2023: 104442.

Varquez, A.C.G.; Dong, S.; Hanaoka, S.; Kanda, M. Improvement of an Urban Growth Model for Railway-Induced Urban Expansion. Sustainability 202012, 6801.

For users who want to test or use the model, please refer to the simple manual here.

The paper is an extension of the undergraduate work of Ms. Sifan Dong (currently a Master’s student). As part of Sifan’s Master’s goals, we will reconstruct future urban cover scenarios using this new model to better reveal the impacts of public transport to the changed in urban cover. This will be a big improvement of the current detailed futuristic urban growth dataset produced by Zhou et al. (2019).

Providing precise predictions of urban cover changes are useful when investigating the synergistic effects of urbanization and climate change. Details of Zhou et al. can be found here.